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Baybrook Dog Training works extensively throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex carrying out home visits for canine behavioural consultations and private training sessions.

Baybrook Training classes are held at The Ellesmere Centre and The MSC Hall Wickhambrook which are 4 miles and 10 miles from Newmarket respectively. We hold Puppy socialisation classes, Novice and Advanced training classes as well as Hoopers and Scentwork.

Is your dog...

Aggressive towards you or others
Aggressive towards other dogs
Distressed when left
Fearful or anxious
Attention seeking
Pulling on Lead
Or making your life difficult in any way


House Soiling
Jumping Up
Guarding Objects
Not coming back when called
Out of control around other dogs
- Contact us and we can help.

The key to effective training is consistency. Teaching basic manners, no matter what age or breed can be frustrating, you do not need to train your dog for hours on end but a few minutes several times a day will reap great rewards. Remember you only get out what you put in.


We Offer...


Our methods...

We only used kind, effective methods to teach your dog manners. Positive reinforcement and motivation is used to help your dog choose to carry out required tasks. The higher the value of the reward (food/play/love) to your dog, the more likely he will be to repeat a behaviour (good or bad!) Once we have shaped a desired behaviour we reward randomly to strongly reinforce it. This is the quickest and most enjoyable method for both owner and dog.

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