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Baybrook Dog Training Classes

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at the Ellesmere Centre, Stetchworth, near Newmarket, CB8 9TS

Ellesmere Centre, Stetchworth, Newmarket

Puppy / Beginners

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Time: 6.15pm -7.00pm

This class can be joined once your puppy has had its vaccinations or sometimes after the first injection, with your vets permission. An 8 week course costs 80 and covers socialisation, recognition of name, play biting, jumping up, play, handling, settle, recall, basic sit and down stays, the start of walking on a loose lead, leave and much more.


Time: 7.00pm 8.00pm

This course follows on from the Beginner course but older beginner dogs are of course welcome. An 8 week course is 80 and covers more off lead control, stays, send to bed, formal heel position, recall, recall from distractions and recall to heel, STOP, verbal down, retrieve, settle, fun obstacles, tricks and much more.


Time: 8.00pm 9pm

This class is for more advanced dogs. An 8 week course is 80 and covers more advanced obedience work such as send away, STOP at a distance, formal heelwork, formal retrieve, out of sight stays, multiple recalls, fun obstacles, scent work, distance control and more

All courses include some time to discuss any problems you may be encountering.

Our preferred choice of collar is a flat buckle collar, please do not bring extendable leads. We do have head-collars available for you to try and buy if you have a dog that pulls. Please note - we do not advocate the use of check / choke chains or slip leads.

Baybrook Dog Training reserves the right to exclude any dog that we feel is unsuitable for a class situation. If this is the case, we are happy to offer help via private lessons instead to help you overcome any problems you may be having.