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Behavioural Consultations


This is the ultimate service if your dog has been exhibiting worrying or persistent behaviours. All aggression / sudden onset cases are strictly by vet referral only as under lying clinical issues need to be ruled out first before any modification programme can take place.

The consultation is at your home and lasts around 2 hours. We will go over the history of your dog's behaviour and will discuss any other information deemed relevant. It can be helpful to keep a diary of behaviour so the details remain clear. We will observe your pet, how he interacts with you and perhaps go on a walk if that is where an issue lies.

A behaviour modification programme will then be implemented for you to follow. It can be helpful to take notes during the session but you will be given handouts where applicable and will receive a full report following the consult. Follow up appointments are at a reduced rate and full back up is provided by phone or e-mail.

Please note that generally there are no quick fixes for behavioural problems and the success of the programme depends upon owner consistency and patience.

For aggression cases the first priority will be a safety and management programme.

This service is also available via zoom depending on severity of the behaviour issue.

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