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Online Courses

Online learning is perfect for busy people that cannot make a physical class. These courses are a perfect balance of video instruction plus personal feed back from me should you need it.   

Don't be put off by Online learning it's much easier than you think, access to course is lifetime and you can replay videos as many times as you wish. If you would like to have a personal chat with me before taking the plunge please do I'm here to help.

For just 5 minutes a day you could have a good dog!

6 week foundation course, 5 lessons each week, easy to follow instruction videos, achievable results. Lifetime access to course content, suitable for puppies and beginner dogs of any age. Great course for kids to follow. 

This course covers;

  • Walking on a loose lead even with distractions

  • Leaving things alone even food

  • Coming back when called

  • Sit stay 

  • Paying attention

  • Fastest fetch

  • Touch

  • Spin

  • Find it

Course cost £60

Click on image to find out more!

Good Dog level 1.png

More courses coming soon!!

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