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Puppy Training


Why not book a puppy consult. These last 90 minutes and are aimed at starting the training/socialisation process pre-vaccination. Many unwanted habits can be created between picking up your puppy and starting class, these sessions are perfect for people who feel that they need a little more support before attending class.


They are held at your own home and the most common topics that owners need help with are: 

  • Sleep routines

  • Shy puppies (urgently needs intervention)

  • Feeding issues

  • Early aggression (surprisingly common and urgently needs intervention)

  • Playbiting

  • Toilet training

  • Puppies and children

  • Keeping puppies entertained

  • Early training

  • Bonding issues


Prevention is cure! It is so much better to avoid problems than have to re-train habits later on.

We can also arrange consultations prior to you puppy arriving if you feel you need advice before hand.


 Puppy Socialisation Classes 



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