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Let your dog use his natural ability

whilst you learn to work with it.

Learn to work with your gundogs innate instincts, giving them an outlet for the behaviours they so desire to carry out whilst remaining connected, in control and having fun.

We will be using positive reinforcement (things that your dog likes - food, toys, environmental and life rewards) to get the very best responses and build a close bond.


   Depending upon your dog's abilities and breed we will look at:

  • Connection Games (how to walk your gundog!)

  • Obedience - Sit stay, heel and recall. 

  • Impulse control

  • Retrieving - Patterning, Holding, marks, memory, directed and blinds.

  • Steadiness

  • STOP

  • Whistle Cues

  • Placeboards

  • Hunting

We do not use shot or game.

Positive Pet Gundog lessons are also available as private sessions.


Positive Pet Gundog

Training Classes

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